Child Behavior Direct Training

Child Behavior Direct (CBD) and LBIC Consulting Services, Inc. (LBIC) collaborated to bring the Child Behavior Direct (CBD) Coach training from the UK to the United States. This evidence- and practice-based training program has successfully trained numerous practitioners to effectively train parents through the Child Behavior Direct (CBD) Coach training program. In addition, the child behavior coach is able to directly provide parents with one-on-one consultation using the skills and knowledge acquired through the training program.

Internationally Recognized

The Child Behavior Direct (CBD) Coach training program is an evidence- and practice-based training program. The program has been awarded the CANparent quality mark by UK’s Education Department, which ensures that the program has reached the highest standards and is proven to be making a positive impact on the lives of children and families. The Child Behaviour Direct (CBD) Coach training can only be delivered by a certified Child Behavior Coach. The program is designed to be implemented with parents of children 0 – 18 years of age.

Child Behavior Coach

Allowing only Child Behavior Coaches to deliver the Child Behavior Direct (CBD) Coach training means that we can regulate quality control to ensure the highest level of expertise is maintained throughout the delivery of all trainings and consultation with parents. Child Behavior Coaches are experienced professionals who have worked directly with children and families and who are proficient in and dedicated in the philosophy of Child Behavior Direct’s training program.

Becoming a Child Behavior Coach means that you will be able to train parents and to provide them with one-on-one consultation. Child Behavior Coaches will be given access to restricted areas of the Child Behavior Direct website,, where information and resources can be viewed and downloaded. All training materials can also be ordered directly from the website.



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