Child Behavior Direct Coach Program Outline

Child Behavior Direct Coach four-part training program details.

Program details:  

Part 1

How you influence your children’s behavior


Looking at influences on behavior. This includes parenting styles and the 3-step formula that shows the root cause of unwanted behavior so that parents are targeting the problem and not the symptoms. This will enable parents to make long lasting improvements in their children’s behavior and well-being.

Part 2

How to nurture your children’s true nature


Showing parents how to bring out a child’s true good nature to help them avoid unwanted behavior and encourage the good behaviors that they would like.

Part 3

How to handle unwanted behavior


Looking at positive parenting techniques that will effectively address the different types of unwanted behavior. We will help parents to make an ages and stages appropriate plan of action to manage the behaviors they would like to improve.

Part 4

Living happily ever after


To enable families to maintain the progress that they have made throughout the program, we will look at how to live happily ever after as a family. This includes essential good communication skills, working as an effective team and understanding how the brain drives behavior.


Parenting support packages

The Child Behavior Direct Coach training program is a detailed step-by-step program that comes in four parts. As a Child Behavior Coach you are able to choose the most suitable length of support depending on the parent’s needs and preferences.  Each week, parents will receive  one hour of 1:1 support in their home or suitable venue along with the program manuals and tip sheets. As a Child Behavior Coach you will help parents to put these ideas into practice.

As a guideline, here are things to consider when choosing the length of support that you use.

6-week support

6-week support is ideal for parents who:

  • May prefer a shorter intervention
  • Can not or would prefer not to attend group sessions
  • Are likely to be able to complete the program within six weeks
  • Would have universal parenting concerns.

8-week support

8-week week support packages are ideal for parents:

  • Who need more time to work through the program
  • Whose children have additional needs that would benefit from more individualized parenting support
  • Who would benefit from more parenting skills

12-week support

12-week week support packages are ideal for parents who:

  • Have children with persistent and recurring, long- term behavioral problems
  • Personally have additional needs
  • Have more than one child with behavior difficulties
  • Would like more individualized parenting support

6-week group parenting class

Group classes are suitable for up to 10 parents and offered in children’s age groups of 0-10 and 11-18 years old.  Each parent will receive six weekly two-hour group sessions along with an  initial 1:1 and end of program evaluation meeting.



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