Deconstructive / Contructive Model

negative_cycleThe Destructive Avoidance Cycle depicts the negative cycle that occurs when a supervisor avoids confrontation. The Destructive Avoidance Cycle must initiate with a problem, followed by the supervisor avoiding the problem and confrontation which leads to greater frustration for the supervisor. Over time the problem worsens and when the supervisor finally confronts the problem and the subordinate it is done inappropriately. As a result of poorly applied confrontation, the supervisor’s and subordinate’s relationship is damaged.

The Constructive Confrontation Cycle depicts the positive cycle that positive_cycleoccurs when a supervisor processes the situation, develops an effective approach, and confronts the problem and subordinate appropriately and timely. The Constructive Confrontation Cycle must initiate with a problem, followed by the supervisor processing and defining the problem. Next, the supervisor develops a plan for successfully addressing the problem and he/she implements the plan by confronting the subordinate appropriately and effectively. Following the confrontation, the supervisor evaluates the approach used and the outcome. Based on the outcome, the supervisor will follow-up with the subordinate to assure the problem has been resolved. As a result of the supervisor’s preparation and actions, the supervisor’s and subordinate’s relationship is strengthened.

Complete instructions for applying these models can be found in the Global Center for Creative Learning (GCCL) Core Supervisory Training Developing Relational Skills.


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