Dr. Monique Busch, Ph.D. LCSW: Mississippi

Monique Busch, PhD, ACSW, LCSW is an Assistant Professor at Delta State University, Department of Social Work in Cleveland, Mississippi and is also the President of Performance Solutions Unlimited, LLC, phone 317.418.9149. Dr. Busch has direct practice experience in public child welfare as a child protective services worker, foster care certifier, family sex abuse treatment specialist, and runaway and homeless family / crisis therapist. Dr Busch was formerly the Senior Director at Lutheran Child & Family Services (LCFS), Indianapolis, IN. where she directed the clinical team for both residential and community-based services, as well as the educational programs for residential youth. Prior to her position at LCFS, Dr. Busch was the Outcome Project Coordinator for IARCCA…Indiana Association of Child and Family Agencies, Institute for Excellence, Inc., Indianapolis, IN. which operates the largest outcome measures project in the country.

Dr. Busch was a founding member of the Indiana Disproportionality Committee (IDC). The IDC is a grassroots multi-systemic committee that works to assist the state systems: education, mental health, child welfare, juvenile justice, and healthcare in understanding the nature of disproportionality of African American youth in being overrepresented or underrepresented.
The IDC was established to pursue equity for children across all systems as well as to engage community partners in civic duty.
In her work as a professional child welfare social worker, Dr. Busch has worked to serve and strengthen vulnerable children by finding the most effective means to address their needs.

Dr. Busch has presented at local and national conferences with excellent evaluations. Dr. Busch has served as a consultant to child and family serving agencies, as well as with law firms working as an expert consultant / expert witness in child welfare related cases. Dr. Busch has experience with both qualitative and quantitative research projects which have resulted in numerous refereed scholarly journal publications. Dr. Busch has excellent problem solving and communication skills.