We are proud to partner with the Global Center for Creative Learning (GCCL) to provide professional development training series for new and experienced supervisors. The curriculum focuses on the development and training for organizations that serve children, youth and families. Our objective is to build a more skilled, knowledgeable and professional workforce one supervisor at a time. The audience for our training includes new supervisors, professionals being groomed to become supervisors and experienced supervisors interested in sharpening their skills and knowledge.

The Global Center for Creative Learning (GCCL) conducts Three Day Core Training in the following topics:

Effective Supervisory Skills

Risk Management

Specialized Training

  1. Personnel Management Skills
  2. Developing Relational Skills
  3. Skills to Manage Effectively
  4. Specialized Competency Training
  1. Skills to Manage Effectively
  2. Leadership Skills
  3. Project Management Overview
  4. Project Management Certification
  1. Risk Management
  2. Leadership
  3. Cultural & Linguistic Competence

This series was designed to allow agencies and organizations to select topics and sub-topics in order to customize their training for their specific professional development needs.

Q. Why should organizations train their supervisors?

A. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), employees filing workplace discrimination charges are on the increase. In fact, 2010 produced a record number of charges and allegations. Additionally, supervisors and managers are generally responsible for more agency lawsuits than any other position. As a result, many think it is important for supervisors to receive training on appropriate personnel procedures, effective supervision, developing professional relationships, and numerous other topics. Well-trained supervisors and managers help to improve outcomes for the service population, improve staff performance, improve morale, provide better protection for the organization, and better manage organizational resources.

Q. How often should supervisors receive training?

A. According to research, training drift generally occurs within three months of attending the training session unless the supervisor is able to engage in activities that reinforce the training received. It is important that information and skills received during training sessions be used as soon as possible after the training. Although no courts have ruled on how frequent supervisory training should occur, supervisors who have been successful in having unlawful harassment claims dismissed generally received training annually.


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