Specialized Training


Specialized training topics focus on critical areas of professional development for new and experienced supervisors:


Risk Management


Cultural & Linguistic Competency

  1. Risk Management
  2. Risk / Liability Mitigation
  3. Total Quality Management
  4. Preventing / Managing Crisis
  5. Identifying Pedophiles / Reducing Agency Risk
  1. Leading Others
  2. Change Management
  3. Followership
  4. Organization Advocacy
  5. Adaptive Leadership
  6. Succession Planning
  7. Today’s Adaptive Challenges
  8. Framework for Leading Transformation
  1. Factors that Influence Cultural Competence
  2. Organizational Stages along Cultural Competence Continuum
  3. Factors that Influence Linguistic Competence
  4. Effective Approaches for Managing Hidden Cultures
  5. Effective Approaches for Managing Diversity
  6. Role of Professional Development in Cultural Competence /Proficiency
  7. Action Steps Supporting Cultural and Linguistic Competence /Proficiency



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