Jodi Doane, LCSW


Messaging for Success

Jodi Doane is a native of Chicago and was active for decades on many boards and committees in Chicago, and has recently relocated to Los Angeles.  She is committed to social justice and performing tikkun olam, repairing the world. She fights for youth development, common sense gun laws, sensible juvenile justice practices, fair and compassionate immigration, self-sufficiency through employment, and animal welfare; and against human trafficking.  She assists non-profit organizations across the nation in their efforts through program development, board training and grant writing. She is an avid advocate and an unapologetic political junkie.

Specializing in Government Relations, grant writing, program development, effective communication, Board development, advocacy, immigration and workforce development, Messaging for Success helps organizations enhance their programmatic impact and respond to the needs of their community. Led by Ms. Doane, Messaging for Success  prioritizes effective communication and organizational sustainability as its organizational goals.

Her legislative work at the state and national levels has: helped to ensure that youth who leave the foster care system before they are ready to live on their own will have a safety net to return to, and services available to them; helped to create a Children’s Savings Account program for all children born in Illinois into homes earning below the poverty line; shaped consumer protection legislation regarding utilities and account ownership for youth who are living on their own for the first time; rallied groups to demand common-sense gun legislation; contributed to legislative language and organizational policy to reduce and prevent discrimination against LGBTQ young people; and informed federal legislation to support young people returning from incarceration, and runaway/throwaway/homeless youth so that everyone may have the opportunity for success they deserve, and the skills to pursue it.