LBIC and WBKEARNEY & Associates

The developer of E-QYP (Equipping Quality Youth Professionals,, collaborated to create the Global Center for Creative Learning. GCCL is focused on developing and producing effective supervisory and management training programs that are designed to increase future, new and experienced supervisors’ and managers’ knowledge, competency and ability to transfer knowledge obtained through trainings into practical program application.
Brown and Associates

LBIC and Brown & Associates

LBIC and Brown & Associates has have collaborated to create a team of certified PREA Auditors and professional staff that are well- experienced in program auditing, evaluation and assessment. The Audit Team also provides PREA audit readiness consultation and technical assistance. The team is able to provide these services to prisons and jails, lockup, community confinement and juvenile facilities.
Child Behaviour Direct

LBIC & Child Behaviour Direct, UK

LBIC, CLS Consulting Associates, LLC, and Child Behaviour Direct, collaborated to bring the Parent’s Guide to Children’s Behavior Program from the UK to the United States.

LBIC & CLS Consulting Associates, LLC

LBIC and CLS Consulting Associates, LLC have partnered to expand supervisory and management training programs offered through the Global Center for Creative Learning (GCCL).
Child Behaviour Direct


LBIC & E-QYP are collaborating to promote the products and resources of E-QYP.


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