Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is defined as a form of modern-day slavery.

Victims of human trafficking are subjected to force, fraud, or human_trafficking_11coercion for the purpose of commercial sex or forced labor. Victims of human trafficking include young children, teenagers, men and women.  While there is no clear consensus on the number of minor domestic sex trafficking victims in the United States, there is consensus regarding the negative impact of the crime on the victims.

Minor victims of domestic sex trafficking are generally children and youth in foster care, homeless youths and runaways.  There is a significant need to increase the public’s awareness and understanding of domestic human trafficking. Foster care provider organizations could benefit greatly from training on identifying and working with victims of sex trafficking.  There is a need for educational materials and training programs for school administrators, educators and others on identifying human trafficking victims and the appropriate actions to be undertaken.

Teachers, parents and social services providers would also benefit from training and materials on internet safety and methods of preventing the exploitation of minors over the internet.  These items only represents a few of the initiatives needed in the fight against minor trafficking victims.sillohette-of-person

  • LBIC is committed to fighting all forms of human trafficking by initiating the following actions:
  • LBIC provides free workshops in coordination with other national organizations committed to eliminating human trafficking, to increase the awareness of parents, providers, children and youth, and the general public.
  • LBIC provides consultation (with the active participation of survivors) for the development and implementation of a coordinated state plan for addressing human trafficking, including program design and development, treatment strategies, identifying services and benefits, identifying gaps in services, identifying human trafficking victims, developing non-traditional human trafficking partners and meeting facilitation.


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