Auditing & Assessment Services

LBIC is fully equipped to provide program auditing and assessment services that focus on the organization operations, programming, staffing and service delivery systems.

Auditing and assessment services are customized based on the identified issue and desired outcome(s). LBIC will develop a comprehensive proposal based on the organization’s identified needs. The audit/assessment services will include off-site review of the organization’s policies and procedures, personnel policies, program and services, the agency’s outcomes and any other documents, materials and/or information considered to be pertinent to the assessment.

On-site consultation will include an initial meeting with the organization’s executive leadership team members, interviews with clients and staff, observation of program areas, treatment team meetings, management meetings, staff meetings, and any other meetings identified, review of records and any information identified as pertinent to audit/assessment.  Within one week of the completion of the on-site assessment, LBIC will provide the agency with a draft report of recommendations. Once the agency reviews the draft report, a final report will be generated within one week.


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