LBIC Consulting Services, Inc. is committed to providing staff development and training to line staff and supervisors. We have expansive areas of expertise and are willing to design a training program to meet your specific and unique needs.  By utilizing a diverse group of consultants from around the country we can address almost any subject area.

  • Agency Diversification
  • Behavior Support & Management/De-escalation & Intervention
  • Cultural and Linguistic Competence
  • Development of Behavioral/Treatment Plans
  • Effective Communication
  • Grant Writing
  • Facilitation Services
  • Family-Centered Practice
  • Family-Driven and Youth Guided Approaches
  • Human Trafficking Issues
  • Independent Living/Life Skills Development
  • Mitigating Racial Disproportionality and Disparity of Outcomes
  • NIMBY Issues related to Community Acceptance
  • Project Management
  • Positive Youth Development
  • Program Assessment/Evaluation
  • Residential and Group Care Issues
  • Restraint and Seclusion Reduction
  • Customized Staff Trainings
  • Strategic Planning
  • Supervisory and Management Training (Introductory and Advanced levels)
  • Team Building
  • Utilization of Natural and Logical Consequences
  • Working Effectively with Families


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