LBIC Projects

Project Management and Partnering
  • LBIC worked with numerous agencies to facilitate their new program start-up (i.e., facility design, applying for licensure, development of policies and procedures in collaboration with agency, creating procedures for and establishing a Board of Directors, recruitment and selection of staff, staff training, etc.).
  • LBIC collaborated with the Tennessee Department of Human Services to develop and write the Tennessee Department of Human Services Comprehensive Plan for the Delivery of Services to Human Trafficking Victims 2013, which addressed both children and adult services.
  • LBIC collaborated with the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA’s) Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) Workgroup on Cultural & Linguistic Competence to develop a set of guidelines, BBI Cultural and Linguistic Competence Guidelines for Residential Programs.
  • LBIC collaborated with WBKearney & Associates to form the Global Center for Creative Learning (GCCL). Through GCCL, LBIC and WBKearney collaborated to create a professional development training series for new & experienced supervisors/managers and executive leaders.
  • LBIC, CLS Consulting Associates, LLC and Child Behaviour Direct, collaborated to bring the Parent’s Guide to Children’s Behavior Program from the UK to the United States.
  • LBIC and CLS Consulting Associates, LLC have partnered to expand the states, regions and systems used to deliver the Global Center for Creative Learning (GCCL) core supervisory and management training programs.
Program Assessments
  • LBIC’s CEO, Mr. Bullard has conducted several Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) audits of juveniles and adult facilities.
  • LBIC’s CEO, Mr. Bullard has conducted several program audits of Immigration Customers Enforcement (ICE) juvenile facilities.
  • LBIC’s CEO, Lloyd Bullard has conducted hundreds of program assessments/audits of state CASA Programs for National CASA.
  • LBIC provided assessment, consultation and training to The Episcopal Center for Children. Consultation and training focused on addressing a state education agency department’s findings and recommendations, and development and implementation of a Positive Behavior Intervention & Support (PBIS) program.
  • LBIC conducted a program assessment for Christian Acres Youth Center, Tallulah, LA's child welfare and juvenile justice programs.
  • LBIC upon the request of the Duke Endowment, conducted a program assessment of Central Children’s Home, Oxford, NC residential programs.
  • LBIC's CEO provided consultation for the Center for Family-Centered Practice and Permanency Planning Hunter College School of Social Work, A Service of the US HHS/ACF Children’s Bureau, New York, NY. The consultation was provided for the State of Louisiana Department of Social Services (DSS). Mr. Bullard was named to the State of Louisiana’s Bureau of Residential Licensing Blue Ribbon Commission on Quality Residential Care.
Outcome-Based Facilitation
  • LBIC contracted with WBKearney & Associates to provide facilitation for OJJDP Trafficking in Persons Symposium, April 10 – 13, 2012, Salt Lake City, UT.
  • LBIC provided consultation to the Children’s Alliance, Frankfort, KY, to facilitate Kentucky’s Leadership Retreat and establish a public and private “shared vision” for children in care throughout the state.
  • LBIC facilitated a strategic planning session for Mount Saint John’s, Deep River, CT.
  • LBIC provided National CASA Association, Washington, DC with facilitation services for establishing consistent expectations between all CASA members and entities.
Program Development
  • LBIC recently completed a project with an emerging Georgia non-profit agency that is interested in becoming licensed as a Child Placing Agency. Based on the information required of all applicants by the Georgia Department of Human Services, its Division of Residential Child Care and its Office of Provider Management; and its partner the Department of Juvenile Justice, LBIC reviewed the non-profit’s current position and offered a consultation contract to identify and address areas of deficiency in the operational documents, program plan, policy and procedure manuals, and Board management, so that the agency can achieve licensure. LBIC edited existing documents where possible; and created new policies and procedures, guidance for the Board of Directors, and policies for organizational operations with instructions for implementation where necessary.
  • LBIC conducted a one-day forum on evidence-based practice for Louisiana Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS).
  • LBIC provided ADORE Children & Family Services, Arlington, VA with crisis management training for their therapeutic foster parents.
  • LBIC provided start-up consultation to ADORE Children & Family Services, Arlington, VA.
  • LBIC provided program development, strategic planning consultation and training to an African American adoption agency based in Virginia.
  • LBIC’s CEO was a guest speaker on Voice of America Internet Radio for a segment with “Leadership Matters” hosted by Dr. Sheryl Gee. The topic for the segment was adaptive leadership.
  • LBIC provided consultation on the diversification of services for the Grace Haven House, Mechanicsville, VA.
  • LBIC provide a presentation for the Central Children’s Home, Oxford, NC, on national and local trends impacting child welfare and mental health services.
  • LBIC provided the National Resource Center for Youth Services, The University of Oklahoma Outreach with GCCL Supervisory & Management Cohort-based training.
  • LBIC provided the Episcopal Center for Children with GCCL Supervisory & Management Cohort-based training.
  • LBIC provided The Episcopal Center (alternative school program) with crisis management training.
  • LBIC consulted with TFI Family Services, Kansas City, KS to develop and provide training to case managers on how to appropriately manage difficult questions arising from home studies’ recommendations, effective approaches for engaging home study families, the importance of completing timely home studies, treating home studies as an assessment and completing high quality home studies. Lastly, the consultation helped case managers and resource staff to develop a “shared vision” regarding minimum standards and home studies recommendations, as well as provided a written report of recommendations gathered during the facilitation process for establishing a “shared vision”.
  • LBIC provided training for Virginia’s Department of Social Services, Central Region Licensing, Child Welfare Unit, on Best Practices: Reducing the Use of Restraints and Seclusion.
  • LBIC facilitated a presentation on adaptive leadership for the Alliance for Children & Families’ Leadership Reception on Adaptive Leadership.
  • LBIC conducted a series of webinars on supervisory topics for the Alliance for Children & Families.
  • LBIC provided training on crisis management and effective supervision for the Central Children’s Home, Oxford, NC.
  • LBIC provided Introductory Supervisory Training for the National Resource Center for Youth Services, The University of Oklahoma Outreach.
  • LBIC provided Advanced Supervisory Training for the National Resource Center for Youth Services, The University of Oklahoma Outreach.
  • LBIC provided Cultural and Linguistic Competence Training for the National Resource Center for Youth Services, The University of Oklahoma Outreach.
International Projects
LBIC has the capacity to provide consulting and training services worldwide. We are committed to help our clients increase their agency and/or program efficiency and effectiveness through evidence-based training and consultation.  We are prepared to help our clients achieve their desired outcomes through program evaluation, continuous quality improvement, performance management and benchmarking.
  • LBIC CEO Mr. Bullard consulted with the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) regarding refining their accreditation process for organizations providing physical restraint training. Additionally, exploratory discussion occurred regarding creating a similar process in the United States.
  • LBIC CEO Mr. Bullard consulted with Brazilian Officials regarding the Child and Adolescent Statute passed into law by the Brazilian National Congress. The consultation addressed strategies for eliminating the barriers that were preventing successful implementation of the Statute.
  • TCI International Research Symposium, Examining the Safety of High-Risk Interventions, Ithaca, New York – LBIC’s CEO, Mr. Bullard served as one of the symposium’s moderators.
  • The Second Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) International Research Symposium, Dublin, Ireland – LBIC CEO Mr. Bullard provided an overview of the Children’s Health Act (Restraint & Seclusion) for conference participants.
  • The Crisis Prevention Intervention, (CPI) International Conference, Toronto, Canada – LBIC CEO Mr. Bullard provided consultation on restraint and seclusion legislation, and “promising practices” to CPI leadership.
Proposal Review
  • LBIC’s CEO serves as a Self-Assessment Reviewer for National CASA, Washington, DC.
  • LBIC reviewed proposals submitted to the Hogg Foundation, The University of Texas at Austin in response to their “Request for Proposals to Provide Technical Assistance to Residential Treatment Centers Implementing Trauma-Informed Practices”.
Task Forces & Committees
  • LBIC’s CEO participated on the District of Columbia Human Trafficking Task Force.
  • LBIC’s CEO is an active participant on the Building Bridges Initiative Workgroup on Cultural and Linguistic Competence.


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